international and cross-cultural programmes


adapting and collaborating across countries, groups and disciplines


This photo is by Dee Ashley and licensed under creative commons - thanks Dee

This photo is by Dee Ashley and licensed under creative commons - thanks Dee

Every layer of human organisation has its different culture. This is one of the joys, and the challenges, of working with people in different countries, disciplines and sectors or even as locally as different teams and departments. As we move between them, and as our work becomes more international, we need to appreciate new cultures and be appropriately flexible in our approach. Otherwise we run the risk of feeling like a fish out of water (hence the photo), or we even risk giving offence or inducing feelings of 'culture shock' in others.

I regularly work with international and multi-disciplinary groups, which gives me an insight into the challenges that people face in working across cultures. For example, I'm a consultant to a consortium of universities from five countries and help to provide professional development events across Europe for researchers that work in collaborations with industrial and academic partners (lots of different cultures there). I've also delivered a coaching skills training to a team of the regional HR directors of a global charity.

In the activities I offer, which range from 90 minute briefings on culture shock and transitions to 5-day international 'summer-schools', I always look to personalise the experience, so each participants understands what this diverse topic means for them. We experience a range of different ways of working and interacting and from those experiences derive highly relevant strategies for working across cultures and also for personal effectiveness in what can be very challenging times.

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Examples of workshops I offer in this area are:

  • Strange new world - 90 minutes of reflection, interaction and discussion on the nature of culture shock and how to adapt
  • My way or your way? - A 1/2 day exploration of culture, rules and navigating different norms and expectations
  • Negotiating an international agreement - a 1d workshop on culture, communication, influence and negotiation
  • International doctoral schools - bringing together the different aspects of learning in a 5 day residential format for candidates from different European universities
  • Collaborating and communicating across disciplines - a workshop for those involved in communicating and setting up multi-disciplinary projects