being and working in the here and now

Thanks to LadyDragonfly who licensed this photo under Creative Commons

Thanks to LadyDragonfly who licensed this photo under Creative Commons

Many of us feel the stresses and strains of losing ourselves in busyness, pressure and the whirl of our own, internal 'monkey-mind'. The way we think, feel and behave can begin to feel automatic, dull or, even worse, distressing as we repeat habitual patterns of perception and responses to the world. The good news is that we do not have to be like that. The more tricky news is that it's not always a simple matter to change. After all, how can we choose how to respond differently to particular situations if we're not even aware of how we're currently responding?

With this in mind, developing mindfulness through practice can provide a sound footing for exploring new ways of thinking or acting - it can be a powerful basis for change. Beyond that, and as a practitioner for many years, I have found mindfulness to be a highly portable skill and practice; it underlies and influences many of the areas I work on, from building confidence and managing stress to leadership and creativity.

In workshops, coaching and seminars I introduce mindfulness not as a method or tool to achieve an end, but as an approach to be put into practice - from becoming aware of how our thoughts, emotions and behaviours operate and change to simply becoming more attentive to the here and now.

Life does not need to be frantic.

Examples of workshops I currently offer in this area:

  • Mindfulness - an introduction - a 1/2 or 1d workshop introducing a number of different mindfulness-based practices
  • Notice, notice, notice - a 1 or 2 hour taster session bringing in elements of mindfulness, spontaneity and play
  • Personal effectiveness - a 1/2d event looking at anxiety, nerves, relaxation and rethinking unhelpful habits
  • Developing confidence - a 1/2d session bringing mindfulness to difficult situations


Quotes about the key learning points from participants:

"Deconstructing anxiety...very different to most courses."
"Time for introspection with prompts - I feel I'm in the same boat as others."
"Ways to aid relaxation and confidence."