About me

Hello, I'm Jamie, pleased to meet you. I've been working in professional and personal coaching and development for quite a while now. I started in 1988 when I was an instructor at an outdoor experiential education centre. I went on from there to pursue an academic path as an ecologist, and graduated with a PhD in 1997 before going on to post-doctoral research and, later, scientific consultancy.

All through that training, I maintained my practice in experiential learning and in 2001 set up my own business doing just that. I also trained as a personal and professional coach from 2001 and gained my certification in 2004.

All of which gives me a real breadth of experience and a sound understanding of a range of sectors from Higher Education to the private and public sectors.


Photo by Wolfgang Sauber, Licensed under Creative Commons

Photo by Wolfgang Sauber, Licensed under Creative Commons

how it all works


I take a collaborative approach, whether you want to provide an existing workshop, create something new or tailor something to fit. This starts with understanding your aims, requirements and constraints. On that basis, I work up outline plans for your approval and then adapt them, as required, so you get just what you need. Before delivery, I liaise with you to ensure the event runs smoothly and then review afterwards to keep things on track. All the way through you're consulted and informed with clarity, professionalism and an approachable manner - nice and straightforward.

If you'd like to see a list of the workshops I currently offer, click here.


About my clients


My clients are many and various and have included the following:

Universities: Oxford, Manchester, Bristol, Bath, Bangor, Strathclyde, Swansea, Northumbria, Hertfordshire, Warwick, Lancaster, Leicester, Loughborough, Durham, Aberdeen, York, Leeds, Sheffield and more

Public Sector organisations: Environmental bodies, Local Government, and health-related agencies

Private clients: private coaching clients, a range of businesses from city-based research to large international charities and from SMEs to international businesses operating across the globe.





"Jamie integrates effective coaching techniques into sessions - a valuable addition to training that not all consultants can bring."

Your work is, "thoughtful, listening, fun, caring, creative, dynamic and interactive"

We brought you in because "you brought an overwhelming sense of calm and authenticity to sessions which was impressive"

"What we value is Jamie's honesty, professional integrity and reliability. He is fantastic to collaborate with in the design of new training programmes, and can always be relied upon to deliver to the highest standard"

"All of the being positive stuff is so important and we value the fact that you keep asking the questions about what we're trying to achieve and you keep in touch with phone calls and an organsised schedule so that I'm always really confident that things are progressing as they're supposed to"

"You're always happy to help and discuss ideas. You have a very flexible working style and I feel able to discuss ideas and even delicate issues (for example finance) without it being awkward"