This photo is called 'The Discussion' and is by Sarath Kuchi. Licensed under Creative Commons. Thank you, Sarath

This photo is called 'The Discussion' and is by Sarath Kuchi. Licensed under Creative Commons. Thank you, Sarath

In my view, coaching is among the most effective tools for personal and professional development. Coaching places you, your aspirations and well being right in the centre of the process. Whether you've come for personal or professional reasons, it's all about you.

Photo by Calum Tomeny. Licensed under Creative Commons, thanks Calum.

Photo by Calum Tomeny. Licensed under Creative Commons, thanks Calum.

And coaching clients do come for a variety of reasons: some because they are starting out in a new professional or personal role, some want to achieve a more favourable balance of the demands placed on them, others want to find meaning and direction and many want to grow their confidence in particular areas of activity - whether it is writing, professional or private relationships, leadership, managing a team or their career, or juggling personal aspirations.

Together, we identify what makes you tick and what you want to achieve as well as your current situation. In the light of that, we explore how you view the world and make sense of things and plot a course from here to there. As you go along achieving (and sometimes slipping up too, let's be honest) what you want, we'll spend time smelling the roses (or whatever else is there) so you don't sacrifice the journey to the destination, or vice versa.

My coaching is influenced by a number of fields from my training and certification in Co-Active coaching (I'm a trained and Certified Co-Active coach), to my personal practice and fascination with mindfulness, zen and cognitive psychology. What all these areas have in common is a commitment to you, your agenda and to providing the space, challenge and support to explore, learn and take action.

The best way to get to know coaching is to set up a complementary sample session - feel free...

It's all about your best.



a coaching client's story


"I approached Jamie as I was looking for a way to manage stress and feel more compassion for myself and others in the context of a heavy workload and complicated domestic arrangements.

The coaching sessions have allowed me to look afresh at a series of recurring thought and behaviour patterns (work and domestic), and as a result I am slowly finding ways to bring a degree of generosity into the way I relate to others and in the way I perceive my abilities and outputs.

I have found the sessions refreshing and moving, but perhaps most unexpectedly, very practical. Being set regular tasks and being held accountable by Jamie for fulfilling these, has meant that the impact and benefits of the coaching extend far beyond the sessions themselves. I end up reflecting upon the changes in my domestic and work life regularly and feel I am acquiring an expanding tool set for identifying and working with arising issues before they take me unawares.

One of Jamie’s skills that has most impressed me has been his sensitivity to my own style of working and seeking inspiration. This has disrupted what I thought were entrenched thought and behaviour patterns and helped refuel my love of writing and intellectual work more generally as well as my inter-personal relationships.

I notice the impact of the coaching every day and expect it to continue. My level of awareness of my thought and working patterns/habits has become more acute and I now approach my work and family/friends relations with much more confidence, lightness and focus, that I previously had felt was lacking."