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Collaboration seems to be more and more the currency, whatever your context. There's an increasing recognition that whatever we do, we simply can not do it in isolation from others. Of course, the rewards for successful collaboration can be great,  both in the scope of what can be achieved, the potential for new ideas and approaches and in the rewards of the work process itself. And the challenges are there too, and ignored at our peril.

So, how do you collaborate successfully? Of course, there's not one answer to that, but all of my workshops ask that core question, with the emphasis on you and in your particular situation. What motivations do you need to be aware of? What goals do you all have and how aligned are they? And beyond that, do you communicate effectively, trust each other and have the tools and skills to influence, negotiate or resolve conflicts and move on? There are many aspects to collaboration, and our workshops and events make them practical, thought-provoking and enjoyable.

I offer training on effective collaboration in a range of formats from seminars to several-day events as well as half- and full- day workshops. We use experiential activities, discussions and problem-solving techniques to cover:

Image Licensed under Creative Commons. Thanks, Daily Sunny

Image Licensed under Creative Commons. Thanks, Daily Sunny

  • Forming collaborative relationships
  • Developing professional relationships and trust
  • The impact of perspectives, preferences and rules
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Communicating clearly and listening
  • Co-working and working in teams
  • Creating and developing ideas and a learning environment

What will help you get the most from your collaborations?



Examples of sessions I offer in this area include:

  • Collaborating successfully with others - a 1-day workshop on perspectives, culture, trust and challenges to collaboration
  • Bridging the divide - a fast paced workshop to develop the skills of teamwork, negotiation, collaboration & communication
  • Creativity in collaboration - a 90 minutes taster or full day session on working constructively and creatively and impact
  • Influence & negotiation - how to get out of your own way - a 1/2 or 1d event on achieving mutually satisfactory outcomes
  • Communicating clearly and confidently - a 1/2 or 1d workshop on just that
  • Conflict resolution and having difficult conversations - introducing a number of simple and powerful methods for appreciating different perspectives on difficult situations and for creatively addressing conflicts