Creative thinking

Making new ideas and making them viable


Brickset licensed this photo under Creative Commons

Brickset licensed this photo under Creative Commons

In any context, people are required to establish practical, creative habits that allow them to innovate, to overcome challenges and to collaborate positively. Throw into that mix the fact that any project entails a high degree of problem solving and that new and practical ideas enable us to respond to change - and the need to develop these habits is clear.

Yet, because we like comfort and familiarity, we often behave in a way that restricts our natural creativity and resourcefulness and that keeps us stuck. We have to be able to let go of certainties in order to explore new and exciting possibilities.

And, of course, it's no good just opening up a wealth of new and creative ideas, they also have to be turned into practical, workable ways forward. So a sound creative process should involve all of these different elements.

In the workshops I offer, participants learn the attitudes, skills and tools to allow just that - to create new ideas and translate them into action. A toolkit for resilience, problem solving and innovation.

Examples of workshops in this area include:

  • Developing practical creativity - a 1-day workshop that introduces a scheme of managing the entire creative process from ideas to delivery, bringing in the required attitudes and methods for each
  • Problem solving - 5 useful ways to widen your options - a 1-day workshop that explores five straightforward pieces of advice for creative and pragmatic thinking in a highly hands-on, experiential style
  • Real creativity - a practical approach to problem solving - this 2-day programme has been quite transformational for many participants, widening their view of challenges and providing an environment and tools for thinking differently and creating new options
  • Improvisation - creativity, play and producing results - a 1/2-, 1- or 2-day experience of the mindset, skills and tools that allow us to generate quite remarkable feats of creativity and collaboration in a spontaneous, supportive and collaborative way; enhancing the ability to respond to ever-changing situations, the unexpected and to enjoy and embrace ambiguity and change as a creative opportunity rather than something to be feared
  • Creativity in collaboration - a 90 minutes taster or full day session on working constructively, creatively and with awareness of our impact