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This photo is by Chris Combes. Licensed under Creative Commons. Thanks, Chris

This photo is by Chris Combes. Licensed under Creative Commons. Thanks, Chris

You know when someone's leadership sits well with you, and definitely when it doesn't. One size really does not fit all, so what is your style? And what impact do you want to create? What brings you to life, motivates you or closes you down? And those people around you, what are their answers?

Knowing these things sets you on the path to leadership. By adding an awareness and practiced ability to work with the answers in yourself, in others, in your organisation and in your wider context, you develop a genuine and human style of leadership.

In universities I offer leadership development programmes, workshops and coaching to academic and research staff as well as postgraduates and the board. In other organisations,  I work with executives, managers and project groups - the same principles apply, though the contexts differ.

In these leadership events we cover a number of topics from personal leadership and developing your own sense of values, vision and direction, to understanding and leading change, as well as forming positive and clear relationships with the people you lead. We also look at leading in ambiguity, amid change and with spontaneity - vital skills in a dynamic world, whatever our situation.

Leadership is not defined by your power or position; and is rarely about command and control. It's about being true to yourself, being honest and authentic and influencing naturally through your actions, interactions and how you are.

What difference would you like to make?

Examples of workshops I currently offer in this area are:

  • Personal leadership - a 1d event looking at your leadership style, direction and effectiveness
  • Leading change - 1d working with models and experiences of change and working through it positively with others
  • Leader as coach - a 1/2 or 1d workshop introducing coaching and mentoring skills in the context of leadership
  • Leading others - a 1, 2 or 3d workshop looking at ways to engage, motivate, communicate and work with others
  • Standing out from the crowd - a 3d workshop involving personal leadership, leading others and collaboration as well as action learning


Comments from participants:

"I have attended numerous training courses and this course in particular stands out from the rest. The use of our own experiences and situations made it very relevant and lead to the techniques and approaches discussed seeming much more applicable and useful. This course has had a very positive effect on my general outlook and attitude and I hope I can continue to implement some of the changes I have made. Many Thanks"

"Just a quick email to say thank you for the leadership training that you have provided over the last year.  I thought that your sessions were incredibly useful and I learned a lot from them.  In fact I got a significant amount from the whole programme."