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Oddly enough, I seldom meet people who say they have enough time. Come to think of it, I even more seldom meet people who think they could do with a bit more admin and paperwork in their working days, or who say they are motivated all the time. None of these things is necessarily a bad thing, of course, but they do raise the question of how we get to the point where we're so busy, yet aren't necessarily as keen, organised or focused on what really matters as we'd like to be.

Licensed under Creative Commons by Beverley Goodwin. Thanks, Beverley

Licensed under Creative Commons by Beverley Goodwin. Thanks, Beverley

Perhaps in some cases it's a question of time management, in others about getting clearer on priorities and learning to say no, and in others it might be about becoming more aware of what we like to do and what motivates us. In all of these cases, the emphasis in my workshops is on making conscious choices about how we spend our time and energy, rather than defaulting to patterns that may no longer serve us. At least that way people put themselves in the driving seat.

Of course, this topic has other aspects like procrastination, project management, assertiveness, stress management and well being. All of these are matters that we work with in the context of the workshops I offer. In addition, one of the advantages of working on these topics is that participants learn from each other, find new ideas and suggestions and are exposed to new perspectives that can really make a world of difference.

Looking back in several years time, how would you like to have spent your time and energy?


Examples of workshops I offer in this area include:

  • Time and self management - a one day workshop that brings in aspects of focus and direction, psychology, motivation, time allocation and task management
  • Overcoming procrastination - a half- or 1-day programme that looks at the causes and methods for procrastination and that brings in tools for positively engaging with the situations, tasks and responsibilities that people put off time and again
  • Stress management - a half or full day on building awareness and choice around the difficult situations people face - introducing mindfulness, psychology and practical steps to take
  • Motivation and you - a 1/2 or 1- day exploration of what motivates and how to build on that awareness - bringing in values, push and pull and a number of tools proven to enhance people's connection and drive towards their goals
  • Managing a research project - a 1/2, 1- or 2- day programme looking at fundamental tools in project management, the challenges people face and working with stakeholders and collaborators
  • Resilience, confidence and assertiveness - please click on the link in red


Quotes from participants

"Far more than your average 'development' course!"

"Powerful stuff"

"Even if you're not sure, give it a go - everyone can take something positive from this event"