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Photo by Matthias Ripp and licensed under Creative Commons. Thanks, Matthias

Photo by Matthias Ripp and licensed under Creative Commons. Thanks, Matthias

Image by Horia Varlan, licensed under Creative Commons (thanks, Horia)

Image by Horia Varlan, licensed under Creative Commons (thanks, Horia)



The ability to set an environment for effective learning and risk-taking; to be curious (like the rather fetching parakeet in the photo) and ask useful and thought-provoking questions and so move people into compelling, accountable action - these are all vitally important skills for coaches, mentors, managers and leaders: anyone looking to enhance the performance of others around them.

And so much better still if that can be done while developing the personal responsibility, resourcefulness and self-reliance of those same people, so you're not left feeling as though you need to do everyone's work for them.

These different skills are at the heart of my coaching and mentoring training events. Over the last ten years, I've delivered these to people from a range of organisations with very different remits, and the skills and approaches are highly transferable - they work whatever the context. 

Participants report that the two-day version of the programme opens the way to their being a "better mentor or supervisor" or to a "better quality of work" and "stronger relationships". The workshops give people very practical skills and steps to take to enhance staff appraisals and reviews, and to hold a more creative approach to leadership and developing others' performance. As another participant put it,

"the organisation should seriously consider integrating these skills into the training for the staff review process".

Very useful skills.        

Examples of workshops I offer in this area are:

  • Coaching, mentoring and supervision - integrating these approaches into management and supervision over a 2 day interactive workshop
  • Mentoring skills for managers - 2 days of practical application of coaching and mentoring skills with a period of fieldwork and practice between
  • Leader as coach - a 1/2-day sample or 1-day introduction, to the use of core coaching competencies in a leadership role
  • Developing resilience in others - a highly dynamic 90 minute introduction to five big ideas from coaching and mentoring that can greatly enhance the relationship of manager and supervisor with the people around them
  • Action learning and group coaching - employed across a number of my leadership and personal effectiveness programmes, I train facilitators of action learning and coaching groups, as well as facilitating them myself